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Launch of eWenda e问答

eWenda is an online Q&A site specifically created for Malaysia SJK(c) students. “eWenda e问答”是一个专为马来西亚华小生所建立的学业疑问问答平台。学生可以在这里免费发表提问并得到解答。在学习上遇到问题,无论是华文、英文、马来文、科学或数学,都可以在这里提问。

eKamus gets artificial intelligence feature

eKamus for Android 3.2 has been released. Highlight for the update is eKamus is now able to remove imbuhan di- automatically whenever there is no searching result. Imbuhan di- is a type of Malay prefix which can be commonly found. It is normally not listed in Malay Dictionaries because it is simply used for passive […]

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