Malaysia Calendar

This app provides “racing horse calendar”, also known as kalendar lumba kuda in Malay or 跑马日历 in Chinese. It is a powerful calendar which combined Chinese Lunar Calendar (农历), Islamic Calendar (Kalendar Islam), public holidays and school holidays in one place.

The Android version of the app is the first and only Malaysia calendar app that displays the calendar of current month automatically once the app is opened and offers home screen widgets support. It is the first Malaysia calendar app which directly linked with local phone calendar apps such as Google Calendar, S Planner etc.

The founder made the first Malaysia calendar app available on iOS after the app was initially rejected by Apple for 4 times because they do not accept “image calendar” app. However, he managed to persuade Apple to approve this app by providing the top download statistics for Android version while emphasising the usefulness of this app to Malaysians.

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